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They’re 17 years old




some beatboard type things inspired by when dave said, “wish jade wasnt crazy just makes me remember how much i miss not crazy jade”
dunno what compelled me, but i went back to read all the dave/jade stuff…and i had forgotten how much i missed them :\ so here’s to the day these two can have a normal conversation with each other!

click the photos for the caption/dialogue!

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GG: so how does it feel to be a BIG TIME HERO 
GG: mister braveybrave mcheropants 

Dave | Jade


in order to draw ships i need to make extensive headcannons as so:

jade will watch dave play his awful video games not really because she likes them but because she cant help but get sucked in and so she insists on cuddling while eating chips to compensate. and she feeds him chips but only if he woofs like a dog because she wants to get back at him for always teasing her for being a furry. and sometimes he makes her laugh really hard at his woofs and then she involuntarily woofs and then he laughs really really hard and she gets angry and hits him because she cant stop laughing and woofing

the end

  Jade  / Dave / Photographer

Awesome Dave Jade fanart by cupcakekyo.deviantart.com



can we all just take a moment to see how cute this ship is?!

Anonymous: davejade 1 B)


here you go!! this was really fun bc I loved the palette for this one !!! also I really love this pairing but I never draw it lmfa o 


had lots of fun at promstuck last night with my beautiful Jade, Feather

found some DaveJade in a fan video for one of my favourite Mother Mother songs! They appear at 1:22

-Mod Lee